EMS has partnered with GreatAmerica Financial Services to provide financing to our customers. Headquartered in Cedar Rapids, IA since 1992, GreatAmerica Financial Services is the largest private independent small ticket equipment finance company in the US.  GreatAmerica works with our customers to make purchases as easy as possible with an industry leading customer service experience.

When you purchase equipment with a monthly payment plan, the equipment pays for itself over its lifetime. This makes budgeting easier, and you’ll always be ready when it’s time to replace or upgrade.

Download our financial calculator to calculate your monthly payment today, or our Section 179 PDF to calculate the potential tax benefits of your equipment purchase

Get started by providing your information below or by contacting the GreatAmerica HealthCare Group directly at 866.288.9957 or emailing HealthCare@greatamerica.com.

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Our team is dedicated to the eye industry, and can help you select the correct products for your practice. Don’t see what you want? Drop us a line and we can also work within the teams at Enhanced Medical Services to provide you with all your new and used ophthalmic equipment needs.