Product Description

The Burton ClearVue II Acuity Panel is an all-in-one visual acuity tester with 22 inch LCD screen.  In addition to a comprehensive selection of tests, you can easily upload custom practice information such as promotional events or educational information.  Additionally, all ClearVue acuity panels come with free and easy software updates.

Features & Specifications


  • 22 inch LCD screen with calibrated and certified luminance
  • Portable or wall mountable
  • Fanless operation with no noise while operating
  • Embedded Linux Operating System
  • Turns on quickly and turns off instantly
  • All letters chart with contrast sensitivity function
  • Polarization 45/135 degree (optional)
  • Free internet upgrade software
  • Complete software package to speed up patient examinations
  • Multiple user settings (3)
  • 4 patient's programmable evaluations
  • Customizable preferences
  • Charts include:
    • From 0.3/10 to 16/10, 13 contrast LogSC levels, random, single letter, single line, multi-line, red and green.
    • Contrast Sensitivity Test
      144 calibrated stimuli, 3 random inclinations, 8 contrast sensitivity levels, 6 spacial frequency levels (from 0.75 to 18 cycle/degree), graph report.
    • Ishihara Tables (25 brightness calibrated tables)
    • Stereo Test (15 tables)
    • To use with red-green glasses
  • Tests Include:
    • Contrast Sensitivity Test with innovative Fast 2-1 psycho-physic procedure
    • Standard ETDRS tables (Refractions, Right, Left)
    • Snellen
    • Sloan
    • Numbers
    • Allen pre-school
    • Tumbling E
    • Landolt’s ring
    • HOTV
    • Ishihara tables
    • Phoria (Vertical, Horizontal)
    • Coincidence test (Vertical, Horizontal)
    • Worth’s rhombi
    • Lancaster’s Tables
    • Dicromatic balance
    • Amsler’s grid
    • Children’s images
    • Astigmatism point
    • Grating (Sinusoidal, Square bars)
    • Stereo tests
    • Schober test with horizontal and vertical deviation
    • Near vision tests
    • Hebrew letters
    • China Ideograms

Technical Specifications

  • LCD 22” contrast calibrated system for a precise sensitivity measurement
  • Wide Range of Examination: 0.03-1.6
  • Adjustable Distance: up to 8 m or 26 ft.
  • Two preselected background luminance levels: dark room or normal room
  • Visual units: 12 visual acuity scale(decimal, log, LogMar, 20ft, 10ft, 6m, 3m,…)
  • Just 3 remote control key to run all test
  • Programmable display sequences
  • Contrast sensitivity “Sequential” procedure and “Fast 2.1” psycho-physic procedure
  • Single letter , Horizontal line, Descending lines
  • Unlimited number of charts, full optotype randomization
  • Video player with child’s entertainment and stereo audio
  • Stylish Design
  • Silent
  • Dimension (WxHxD): 52.5 x 36.5 x 6.5 [cm]
  • Weight 4kg
  • Adjustable auto power off
  • Power Supply: 110-220 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • IR remote battery type: AAA LR6
  • Standard wall mounting Vesa 100×100 or table version
  • Classification: Medical Device Class 1
  • Compliance with: international standard UNI EN ISO 15004, ISO 10938, ISO8596

Ophthalmic Equipment by Burton

With over 70 years of experience delivering high value equipment to the United States and beyond, Burton is a trusted name in ophthalmic instruments. Every Burton ClearVue II Acuity Panel comes with an industry leading 3 year warranty. The Burton product line comes with exceptional value and a highly qualified customer service team. Contact us today to learn more about how tradition meets innovation with the NEW Burton Ophthalmic! 

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