Burton Ophthalmic has been delivering quality eye equipment to optometrists and ophthalmologists for the past 70 years. In 2016, Burton Ophthalmic was purchased by Enhanced Medical Services. In the process, the company's manufacturing processes, quality standards and customer service offerings were all recently upgraded to keep Burton on the cutting edge of diagnostic and exam lane equipment. 

Offering diagnostic tools like the BARK, exam equipment like phoropters and acuity panels and lane equipment such as exam chairs and stands, Burton is a cost effective and high value addition to your eye care practice.

Looking for more options, because Burton is owned and manufactured exclusively for Enhanced Medical Services, all Burton customers work with a team of highly specialized account reps that have access to new equipment from top manufacturers through Enhanced Medical Services  and used ophthalmic equipment through Vision Systems Inc in addition to the Burton line.

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Our team is dedicated to the eye industry, and can help you select the correct products for your practice. Don’t see what you want? Drop us a line and we can also work within the teams at Enhanced Medical Services to provide you with all your new and used ophthalmic equipment needs.